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Saturday, January 1, 2011


a new year has began.
may all you guys wishes come true.
a long journey ahead for everyone.
no one knows whats going to happen next.
think and choose your path slowly.
dont ever regret in things you do.


ended at; 6:16 AM

Friday, December 31, 2010

today its the end of 2010,
any resolutions yet anyone?

every year has been the same as before. haha.
nothing much actually happen this year though,
lets hope something nice and amazing things happen to me next year!!!

wish you happiness ! =)

ended at; 3:59 AM

Monday, December 27, 2010

alright, after work, meeting them for a movie.

meet up them outside cine, and so unexpected, saw rachael.
also so unexpected that she joining us to watch so last min.
its like lol! haha. sorry mickey for letting you sit alone.
haha, its just so un-expected. haha

after movie, went to neverland to drink some beer.
next, lan-ning.

rachael went off to find her friends,
and we are on bus back home.

morning all guys!

ended at; 7:40 AM

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone out there!!
7 more days and its a start of a new year.

a new year meaning start afresh!!!!
a new year, a new beginning...

ended at; 4:24 AM

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

fucking joke!
i am laughing on the ground! ROLLING!

ended at; 5:44 AM

Saturday, December 18, 2010

hudson lim quit dota????

went cyberdome to just have a game of dota.
fucking waste time.

after that game, ending up drinking 2 jugs of lao hu beer at neverland.
just back at home,
dont know what to do, waiting hair dry.

again and again, keep thinking of her.
is the only way of not thinking her is to get into another relationship?
fuck, so when is my next relationship coming?

hate the feeling of just thinking and cant do anything.
someone pls tell me what to do.
i'm really lost.

ended at; 6:06 AM

Thursday, December 16, 2010

back from butter,
she came with me, but left with other guy.
i was going to send her home when i saw him.
soft-hearted me, asked him to send her home.
fuck randall for giving her drink so much.
heartache seeing her in that state.

another day past,
and again, wanted to be selfish, but i cant.
nights girl.
nights all.

ended at; 4:25 AM

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

back to blogging again. lol. its like fucking long can.
i think its long enough that no one bothers about my blog,
so i think its good for me to blog now.
today went out with friends to drink.

i still miss her alot. i know someone still loves her alot.
what to do?

you told me to be selfish,
i wanted to, but at the same time i dont want others to get hurt.
i tried to let go, but i cant.
she just kept appearing in my mind every single second.

i really cannot take it sometimes. just feeling to give it all up.
but i am afraid that i will miss any chances.

mixed feelings, i cried.

ended at; 3:51 AM

Saturday, March 13, 2010

its been a while since i blog. haha.
everyday its just working and working,
nothing much to blog about seriously.

oh yea, i am here to wish hudson lim shao wei happy birthday!!
sad that he is in camp man. lol.

went to casino this morning.
first time in casino!!!
shiok man!!
omg! the atmosphere in there is really amazing.
though i didnt bet, but when my friend bet,
the feelings is totally different.
the people there is totally crazy man!!
as though they dont have to work.
they can stay there all day all night. LOL

its really amazing to been in casino for the first time.
the money people bet there = monopoly money. LOL
hundreds and thousands cash of chips,
for a single bet,
only a few minutes of distribution of cards and viewing of cards,
thats it! you either lose 1k or win 1k. that fast!

50 dollars notes there = 10 dollars note. lol.
since i go there does not need any entrance fee($100),
everyday win 100 bucks also not bad.
1 day 100 bucks, 1 month i got 3000 bucks extra! lol!

just reach home from boat quay,
long time since i went drinking and singing.
gotta turn in soon if not tml cant be able to wake up for work.
nights world!

ended at; 4:32 AM

Monday, February 1, 2010

nice song!! wonderful!! beautiful!! i like! =D

ended at; 11:48 AM

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i rmb when i was young, my dad would organised party for me at my house, then friends from sg and msia will come celebrate my birthday.
we will be playing games, eating, chit chatting.
sg friends will be staying over my hse for that night.

those are the past, but now, grown up lor!!!
no more all these activities.
lazy to celebrate also. haha

thanks you guys for all the wishes!!!
oh ya, thanks ben for ur pressy!! =)

ended at; 3:32 AM

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Now you're gone,
I realize my love for you was strong,
And i miss you here now you're gone.
I've keep waiting here by the phone,
with your pictures hanging on the wall.

Is this the way its meant to be?
Only dreaming that you're missing me.
I'll be waiting here at home,
I'll be crazy now you're gone.

There's an empty place in my heart,
Without my Anna it will break apart.
It wont heal, it wont fade away,
I'll be thinking bout you everyday.

ended at; 4:07 AM

All I ever wanted,
was to see you smiling

All I ever wanted
was to make you mine.

I know that I love you
oh baby why don't you see

That all I ever wanted
was you and me.

ended at; 4:04 AM

Thursday, January 14, 2010

keep listening to this song on the bus on my way home.

lol. listen till i fell aslp, and woke up by the bus driver, reached interchange. LOL

dont know why i woke, dont want take bus, and just walked back home .

gotta work later, hope i can wont be tired!

ended at; 9:05 AM

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

felt quite sad for this guy.
he was actually a customer from my next door flower shop.
firstly, i thought he was auntie friend, but in the end, he wasnt. he is just a customer.

saw him often recently,
now i know the reason why.
he came to auntie shop to get flowers, because his gf was going to break with him.
his gf told him to give him 2 weeks to consider.
so within this 2 weeks, which ends at this saturday,
he has been coming auntie shop to get flowers for his gf everyday!!!
omg. dont know how much he has spent on those flowers for the past one week.

one day, when i going to work, i saw auntie making this huge bouquet of roses.
it consists of 99 roses, i think it costs ard 200+.
he was intending to gave her those flowers and ask her to be his wife on christmas eve,
but sad to say, she turned down his date.
she said that she doesnt want to go out on that day.
his friend saw his gf was having dinner with some other guy on christmas eve.
his friend didnt tell him about this, was afraid of him doing foolish things.

and as usual today, he came to auntie shop, and get some flowers.
feel kinda sad for him man. really.
i really hope that his gf, if she doesnt have the heart anymore, pls tell him straight in his face man!!!
rather than wasting his time, wasting all his effort, giving him false hope, and in the end, gave him the answer that he doesnt want to hear.

i find it rather funny and at the same time, sorry for this guy man.
haa. *shake head*

ended at; 3:20 AM

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